Lesson Fees

Lessons are offered in packages of 10 & 5

Package of 10 

*most popular

Peak hour 

(3pm onwards weekdays & All-Day Saturday)

30 mins: $400.00

45 mins: $600.00

60 mins: $800.00

Non-peak hours

(only before 3pm weekdays at Teacher's studio)

30mins: $360.00

45mins: $550.00

60mins: $760.00

Package of 5 

Peak hour

(3pm onwards weekdays & All-Day Saturday)

30 mins: $250.00

45 mins: $350.00

60 mins: $425.00

Non-peak hours

(only before 3pm weekdays at Teacher's studio)

30mins: $200.00

45mins: $300.00

60mins: $400.00

*Last updated 16 June 2020

*Lessons available throughout the year (during school holidays).

*Minimum lessons correspond the number of weeks in Victoria school calendar for students. Any missed lesson during the term should be scheduled within the term or during school holidays. Any remaining lesson in the package can be used next term.


Lesson Policies

1. Payment:

Lessons are billed in advance before the commence of the first lesson. Payment is due before the start of a package and invoices are sent via email. They can be paid by cash, cheque, or Direct Debit.

Only cash payments are allowed for payments on the day of lesson.


**2. Rescheduling of lessons:

Lessons can be rescheduled when early notice is given by 1pm the day before the lesson. However, late notice for rescheduling (after 1pm the day before lesson) cannot guarantee a make up lesson and lesson fee will be forfeited.

  • Any lesson missed during the school term can be made up during the week if a free slot is available, as extended lessons during usual lesson weeks, or during school holidays.


**3. Illness- cancellation on the day of lesson:

Unfortunately we do not refund for last minute missed lessons due to any illness. Make up lessons depend on teacher's availability.


**Explanation - Last minute cancellation on a lesson is still charged without make up  because there are limited teaching hours after school but several rescheduling requests every term. Given enough notice, the rescheduled slot could be used for another student's make up lesson or a new student. A last minute cancelled slot is teaching time forfeited as it is unlikely to schedule an existing or new student to take the slot last minute. 


4. Irregular attendance/ frequent cancellations: 2 or less attendance rate each month.

Teacher reserves the right to open up the slot to another student who needs this slot.


5. Cancellations by teacher

In the case where the teacher is unavailable for a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. Lesson fee will be credited only if the teacher is unable to reschedule a lesson during the term or term break.


6. Refund

All lesson fees are non-refundable once the student commence the first lesson.

7. Discontinuation

Priorities and life progressions change and we understand if you need to take a break or stop taking lessons. Please give at least 3 weeks notice if you wish to discontinue lessons. We have enquiries throughout the year and limited time slots. A courtesy notice of 3 weeks will allow us to arrange for a new student to take over your time slot when you exit. 


8. Videos and pictures

Videos and pictures of students may be used for business advertising purpose. Please inform if you do not want your photos to be used.

Lesson duration available:

30mins/ $40.00,

45mins/ $60.00,

60 mins/$80.00

Minimum lessons in a year - Victoria school term weeks.

Lesson will be made up if it falls on a public holiday.

Holiday lessons available with advance booking.